Skin problems in cats are most commonly caused by parasites or allergies – both easily treatable with the right medication. As in human, cats can also have acne and even skin cancer. It is important that you note any excessive scratching, grooming or shaking of their head (indicates ear mites). Also look for hair loss or red, scaly patches of skin.

  • Allergic skin disease: Manageable Condition
  • Alopecia: Manageable Condition
  • Bacterial skin disease (rare): Treatable Ailment/Manageable Condition
  • Cysts: Corrected with Surgery
  • Seborrhic skin disorder (rare): Serious Problem
  • Skin acne: Treatable Ailment


Flea prevention and control as well as anti-itch medications can be obtained over the counter, however, we strongly encourage an examination to rule out other parasites as well as allergies. Allergies can be controlled by diet. Excessive stress or pain can also cause over-grooming and should be ruled out as well.