Cats have unique vision skills which makes them more vulnerable to disease and other conditions. In most cases, early detection and regular exams can help us keep your cat’s eyes healthy. Outdoor cats as especially susceptible to disease and injury, but can be successfully treated with medication. Other more serious issues include:

  • Cataracts (rare): Manageable Condition
  • Clogged tear ducts: Manageable Condition/Surgery Corrected
  • Entropion: Corrected with Surgery
  • Glaucoma (rare): Manageable Condition/Serious Problem
  • Lens luxation: Corrected with Surgery
  • Malformed tear ducts: Corrected with Surgery
  • Ocular dermoids: Corrected with Surgery
  • Retinal dysplasia (rare): Serious Problem
  • Tearing problems: Manageable Condition/Surgery Corrected


Prescription drops, ointment and oral medications are indicated for treatment for the most common issues. More severe issues can be corrected with surgery.